"To make a positive impact leading others to dream big, work hard and stay humble."

Living my passion. Photo: Kurt Andres

I travelled to Leavenworth, WA to become a raft guide after I graduated high school, I had no idea how this decision would change my life! 
Over the next few summers I developed a genuine passion for whitewater. I became more confident, fearless, and determined; I worked extremely hard, fully committing myself to becoming the best I could be. I had never worked so hard for anything. 

Chasing rivers around the world. Photo: Zaharias De Ugarte

I'll never forget the pivotal moment when I drove through Tumwater Canyon 4 1/2 years ago, I watched two kayakers paddle down the raging river. I was mesmerized and hooked; I wanted to do that! That very day a few of the raft guides taught me how to roll a kayak in a pool; I took it and ran with it!
Life isn't always easy it's full of challenges and successes. And when we fail, it's not how hard we fall, but how quickly we get back up that determines the success we will ultimately achieve.

“She was unstoppable; not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.”

– Beau Taplin

I’ve grown up in the Pacific Northwest most of my life and never feel more at home than when I'm in the mountains or near the water. This has had a profound positive impact in my desire to help others, be a leader, and live a full and balanced life. 
My dad has been my adventure buddy since I was little always encouraging me to live a meaningful life, to relentlessly pursue my dreams, trust myself, and work hard for what I want. He taught me how to ski and introduced me to the mountains where I learned humility, respect, and developed my initial passion for adventure!

Creating community. Photo: Roy Massey

Last year, I started my own business, She Goes Media, so I could do what I love everyday. Much of what I've learned on the river has taught me how to live a purposeful and authentic life, and driven my desire to combine my passions for web design, creative media, and a life of adventure into a professional career. 

Faith. Photo: Jo Kemper

I jump into adventure because it makes me feel alive, it gives me purpose and meaning. Through it I find the confidence and empowerment necessary to overcome any adversity, fear, or challenge – each of these things have given me the strength to push myself to my fullest potential.

Determination . Photo: Kirsten Mathers

Determination. Photo: Kirsten Mathers