"Few people realize their life passion, even fewer have the confidence to make that passion their purpose of meaning."  -David Hughes

Photo by Austyn Hainlein

Kayaking is my first love, my true passion, I live and breathe it. It has taken me to the most beautiful places, introduced me to the most incredible people, and taught me more about life and myself then I can possibly describe. Kayaking has allowed me to grow as a person to become a stronger, more confident, and independent woman. These attributes and life skills are something I want to share with others. I started my own brand extension, 'She Goes,' to get more women involved in the sport. Empowering other women and young girls in the outdoors is something meaningful to me in that it creates confidence, mindfulness, and allows one to fulfill their limitless potential. 

                                        'She goes' at any age 

I learned to kayak 3 years ago in Leavenworth, WA after spending my first summer working as a raft guide on the Wenatchee River. I'll never forget the first time I drove through Tumwater Canyon and saw two kayakers making their way down the raging river. I had recently learned to roll my kayak, but kayaking Tumwater seemed like a great goal to have, 1 year later I fulfilled that goal. Last August I ran Tumwater Canyon 51 times and began paddling Exit Drop, a Class 5 beast of a rapid, something I never thought I would ever do. This year I started competing in several kayaking competitions which have taken me around Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Colorado. Last year I paddled 220 days and it changed my life, kayaking is no longer a hobby but a life long passion full of the best experiences and friendships. This year I started paddling some harder Class 5 whitewater, ran my first 40 ft slide, and travelled to Ecuador for 3 weeks! I have been fortunate enough to learn and meet some of the most inspiring individuals which without them I wouldn't be who or where I am today. Fall is finally here! I've grown tremendously both in my paddling abilities and as a determined young woman this year with an even deeper rooted passion for all things white water, I'm looking forward to finishing this season strong and hopefully heading back to South America this winter!!